100K Trees for Humanity is a community led initiative to plant 100,000 trees and plants in carbon dioxide equivalent (C02e) in Alameda by 2030.  This initiative will help the City of Alameda achieve its Climate Action and Resiliency Plan goal (CARP action S2), to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Our initial tree planting date is Earth Day, Saturday, April 25, 2020.  To plant our initial 10,000 trees, we plan to engage 1,000 Alamedans to donate $10 each to have a tree(s) planted. 


Planting 100K Trees.
Greening our Island.

By 2030, our island city will be a lush and verdant community where we will have planted 100K individual trees, plants, mosses, grasses and kelp to have Alameda be carbon net negative in greenhouse gas reductions, environmental mitigation, for increased environmental justice and overall public health. 


We will secure and plant 100,000 urban trees and plants in the city of Alameda to increase our urban forestry load, restore our natural habitat, and assure the increase of carbon sequestration capacity to reach our 2030 carbon reduction goals. 


Trees.  We have secured tentative arrangement for 10,000 trees from Arbor Day Foundation to receive 10 trees for $10 in exchange for donor membership.  Trees would be planted on residents' private land and can be planted on City public land. 100% of the trees purchases will be subsidized by residents' donations and our institutional and corporate partners. 


Volunteers.  We have secured volunteer arrangements with One Brick Foundation for a potential 10,000 volunteers.  We also plan to raise Alamedan volunteers for this effort too to increase community engagement, ownership and stewardship in ongoing tree maintenance.