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It's Our 4th Year Anniversary!

100K Trees for Humanity celebrates its fourth anniversary of tree planting December 10, 2023.

100K Trees for Humanity Fourth Anniversary celebration image of a small group of diverse people digging dirt around a newly planted tree.
100K Trees for Humanity Fourth Anniversary celebration

We've grown

from the kernel of an idea

into a full fledged initiative!

100K Trees for Humanity is helping cities and community groups to plant urban neighborhoods for climate, for equity and for public health.

We started with a small, commited group of local environmental activists in October of 2019 to share an idea-- that putting a tree in a person's would be a transformative experience. One that they would want to repeat again, and again, and again. On December 10 of that year, International Human Rights Day, we formally launched to the world as 100K Trees for Humanity, to plant the planet one tree at a time.

Big Dreams & Plans

Our April 2020 Earth Day plans to plant 10,000 seedlings were dashed by the pandemic's shelter in place. However, we finally managed to get our first trees in the ground in November of that year in Alameda, California. (see pic below)

Two you men wearing surgical face masks pose with their shovels beside the newly planted London Plane tree.
Oscar: our first tree planted in Chochenyo Park, Alameda, California, in November, 2020.

Since then, 100K Trees has led communities to:  

  • Plant more than 600 neighborhood and school trees in Richmond, Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda and Hayward;  

  • Support 900 Hayward schools students to grow 1000 trees in classroom tree nurseries;  

  • Helped raise over $2.4M in tree funding and donated trees for California communities. 

California Urban Forests Council logo and CUFC Awards logo.

We have also been:

  • Awarded two awards by the California Urban Forests Council (2021)

  • Gifted 1,000 trees by Google!

It takes a village

Most importantly, we are proud of our partnerships with UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, Peralta Community College District, Rotary Club, Kiwanis Key Club, Stem4Real, OSH-Outdoor Supply Hardware, Republic Services and all the active tree planting 100K Trees community groups and high schoolers that spread from Marin City, to the East Bay of San Francisco Bay, to Compton down in Los Angeles!

Going to scale

With the most recent donations of thousands of trees, we now need additional staff capacity grow our organization to help us raise the needed funds to get these and even more trees in the ground!

Won't you help us? Help us to grow trees for climate with your donation.

100K Trees for Humanity Fourth Anniversary celebration image of children's dirt stained hands palms up, standing in a ring.

We are planting the planet, one tree at a time! 

Thank you.

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Congratulations Amos ! Happy birthday ! This is so exciting !

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